Month: April 2016

Built-in JSON Support in SQL Server 2016

Lot of web services and Web APIs are using JSON these days, primarily as their data interchange format. The inability of the current versions of SQL Server to parse, store and process JSON data has been a hindrance. This makes the integration of JSON into SQL Server as one of the most awaited feature of SQL Server 2016.

Generating SQL Insert Scripts in just 2 clicks

Sometimes we might need to populate our SQL tables with reference/ look-up data. There are other scenarios when we need to copy table data from one environment to another. In both these cases, we require to create bulk scripts for Inserting data into our destination table. In this article, I will mention about a quick way to generate the SQL Insert Scripts using SQL Server Database project with just 2 clicks.

Compare Execution Plans in SQL Server 2016

With technology evolving this fast, I hate that we still have to deal with manually comparing execution plans. Things get worse when we have big plans. While working on a SQL Performance issue, it is often required to compare execution plans, before and after making a change. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool which would compare execution plans side-by-side and automatically present to you the similarities/differences?

Query Store in SQL Server 2016

How many times have you tried to troubleshoot a TSQL performance issue and wished you had more statistical/historical information on how the query ran over a period of time?
How many times have you faced performance issues after server/application upgrades? How many times have you bumped into a temporary performance issue with a TSQL and you wonder what is causing the query to run slow all of a sudden?