SQL Tips

Use custom colors to differentiate between environments

During my SQL Saturday Birmingham Presentation on SQL Tips and Tricks, one of the productivity feature which got lot of love from most of the attendees was the use of custom colors to differentiate between SQL environments. SSMS provides us with an ability to set different colors for connection to separate environments.

Searching Data in SQL Tables in a Single Click

SSMS does not provide any tools/utility to search for a value/data inside a particular database.This kind of surprises me a bit, since it is a needed functionality and would be a very popular feature to be built into the SSMS IDE. So the question is, how do you search for a particular value/data in your SQL Database?

Generating SQL Insert Scripts in just 2 clicks

Sometimes we might need to populate our SQL tables with reference/ look-up data. There are other scenarios when we need to copy table data from one environment to another. In both these cases, we require to create bulk scripts for Inserting data into our destination table. In this article, I will mention about a quick way to generate the SQL Insert Scripts using SQL Server Database project with just 2 clicks.