My SQLShack Articles

SQL Shack – the community blog – was created by ApexSQL with the goal to share SQL Server knowledge through articles written by SQL Server community members.


You will find some great SQL content in this site, primarily related with –
o Performance monitoring
o Auditing
o Backup and recovery
o Database DevOps, Continuous integration, SQL source control
o Change management
o Building and deployment
o Azure SQL Database

Few months back, the SQLShack Community Team reached out to me for joining their author community and contribute SQL articles which can reach out to a bigger audience , and I gladly accepted it. That was how my journey as a SQLShack Author began and I must admit it has been a fun ride till now.

In this page, you will find a list of all my SQLShack articles —

Do let me know if you have any feedback on my articles or if there are any specific topic on which you want additional information on.

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