Getting started with Microsoft SQL Server 2017

It’s been a week since PASS Summit 2017. It was a great conference with lot of informative sessions. Special mention to the awesome sessions by the Microsoft Tiger Team on SQL Server 2017. I tried attending most of these sessions presented by Bob Ward, Pedro Lopes, Joseph Sack and Parikshit Savjani.

SQL 2017 Features

I have been presenting on SQL Server 2016 since the last 1 year, but wanted to get a kick start on the new features and capabilities of SQL Server 2017. PASS Summit has been the perfect motivation for me to start doing it.

There is a lot of information about SQL Server 2017 – features, pricing, resources on their website –

Three things you need to get started

Download SQL Server 2017 Developer Edition –

Download SQL Server Management Studio 17.3 –

Wide World Importers sample database –

Top features in SQL Server 2017

  • You will be able to run your SQL Server instances not only on Windows but also on Linux and Docker containers – cross platform support.

There is support for 3 primary Linux distributions – Suse, Ubuntu and Redhat. You can use the Docker image present on Docker Hub.

Cross Platform

  • Most secure database with data protection at rest and in motion.
  • The fastest database in the industry currently.
  • First commercial database with Artificial Intelligence built in.
  • End to end mobile Business Intelligence tooling

There will be a new cross platform database admin GUI  tool which will run on Mac, Linux and Windows. It will be an open source project in GitHub and hence the community can actively contribute towards strengthening the capabilities of this tool. The public preview of this tool will be out later this month and will be called as ‘Microsoft SQL Operations Studio‘.

I downloaded the Developer Edition of SQL Server 2017 and installed it. The installation process was very smooth and I got up and running on SQL Server 2017 in no time.


SQL 2017 Install Progress

Installation Successful

It’s time to start exploring SQL Server 2017 and I am excited about the next few weeks where I will hopefully play with lot of the shiny new features.


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