SQL Operations Studio – Connection Dialog Improvements

Back in November, I had opened an issue in GitHub for SQLOps Studio Team to make the ‘Server Name’ and ‘Database Name’ as drop downs instead on text boxes, when you are adding a new connection. It would be awesome to have the ‘Database Name’ drop down auto populated once you mention the ‘Server Name’.


I am glad that this Connection Dialog improvement has been now incorporated in the February Public Preview of SQL Operations Studio. The database name is now dynamically populated based on the selected server.


This feature along with the ‘Saved Connections‘ tab makes the overall database connection experience a pleasant ones for the users.
In SSMS, the Server Name is a dropdown field – however in SQL Ops Studio there is no need of the same. You can leverage either the ‘Recent Connections’ or ‘Saved Connections’ tab to select the required Server Name and get connected to it.


Servers’ tab also show the same list of database  servers which you have earlier saved.

Connection Servers

You can view the list of features and bug fixes which were released as part of the February Public Preview here.

If you have any feature requests or bump into any issues while using this tool, make sure to report to the SQL Ops Team in the GitHub repo here.

SQL Operations Studio

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