Speaking at SteelCity SQL February 2020

I am excited to be presenting at the Steel City SQL Server UserGroup February Meeting tomorrow.

I will be talking about the new capabilities of SQL Server 2019 that have rocked the industry including Intelligent Query Processing, Data Virtualization and enhanced Polybase capabilities, Apache Spark and HDFS in the box, Big Data Clusters, Security, High Availability and Performance Features, T-SQL with Java, and enhancements for SQL Server on Linux, Docker Containers, and Kubernetes. SQL Server 2019 is the new unified data platform allowing you to keep your data where it is located, build your own data lakes, and enable new container-based solutions never before possible.

The key learning objectives from my session will be an overview of  —

  • Introduction to SQL Server 2019
  • Intelligent Query Processing
  • Data Classification and Auditing
  • Data Virtualization and Polybase
  • Big Data Clusters
  • SQL Server on Linux and Containers
  • SQL Server on Kubernetes
  • Accelerated Database Recovery
  • Modern Database Platform
  • Migration to SQL Server 2019

Please RSVP to the meeting here if you are interested to attend —


SQL Server 2019 Resources

The Microsoft SQL Server Engineering Team has done an excellent job in creating learning content for getting up to speed on SQL Server 2019 – there are detailed blogs, videos, workshops, presentations slides all available to the community free of cost.

Below is a great list of resources which I collected from Bob Ward’s presentation —

Download and try it: http://aka.ms/ss19

Use free training: https://aka.ms/sqlworkshops

Use examples through our https://aka.ms/SQL2019Notebooks

Learn from videos: https://aka.ms/sql2019learning

Read what’s new for SQL 2019: documentation

Watch how to Modernize SQL Server: check out the video

Get the book: https://aka.ms/sql2019book

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