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The Azure Data team at Microsoft has recently launched new ways for you to learn Azure SQL. There are many free resources available to the community in the form of YouTube videos, blogs, learning paths in Microsoft Learn, GitHub content, hands-on workshops, and live Azure SQL Bootcamp.

You can learn how to translate your existing SQL Server expertise to Azure SQL, including Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance through these all-new content on YouTube, GitHub, and Microsoft Learn. After completing the video series, learning path, or workshop, you will have a foundational knowledge of what to use when, as well as how to configure, secure, monitor, and troubleshoot Azure SQL. To support you as you learn, you can join Bob & Anna in four-day series of live sessions on August 17-20th.

This is an excellent initiative by the Microsoft Azure Data Team to help the community learn about Azure SQL and bring the SQL Server community to the cloud. I am listing down the resources available —

Landing Page for Azure SQL – https://aka.ms/learnazuresql

Azure SQL Fundamentals – a 6-course learning path on Microsoft Learn


After completing this learning path, you will have a foundational knowledge of what to use when and how to configure, secure, monitor, and troubleshoot Azure SQL.

Azure SQL Fundamentals

Azure SQL for Beginners – a 61-video series on YouTube that walks through all the content on the learning path 


Microsoft insiders Bob Ward and Anna Hoffman walk you through configuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting database security, performance, and availability in this Azure SQL video series on more than 60 topics.

Azure SQL Videos

Azure SQL Workshop (aka.ms/asqlworkshop, then select Workshop: Azure SQL) – a 1-2 day workshop including hands-on labs and slides which are free/open source for customers and partners to leverage.


Azure SQL Bootcamp signup (aka.ms/azuresqlbootcamp) – 4-day (2 hours each day) live boot camp run by Bob and Anna on YouTube, with moderators from the Azure SQL PG, from August 17-20

Azure SQL Bootcamp

Enjoy the free learning resources 🙂

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  1. Thank you for documenting these resources.


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