Monitoring your Spring Boot applications using Actuator

Spring Boot provides a library called as Actuator, which provides Production ready endpoints out of the box, without the need of any additional coding. These endpoints can be used for monitoring your application and exposing operational information about your application like health, metrics, trace, info, dump, mappings, beans, auditevents and more.

Resolving Gradle issues in IntelliJ IDEA

Gradle┬áis an advanced general purpose build management system based on Groovy. When you make any dependency changes in your gradle build file, you might receive errors while building your project from within the IDE – as a result of IntelliJ not resolving the dependency changes.

Synchronize Gradle projects with workspace failed

Spring Initializr provides an extensible API to generate quickstart projects with the dependencies you need. SpringBoot is popularly used to develop Spring applications and it eliminates need of lot of the boilerplate configuration. It comes with an embedded Tomcat server and you can just browse to localhost:8080 once you run your application to view the result.