Performance Analysis using PerfTips in Visual Studio 2015

Troubleshooting Performance issues has always been a topic of discussion.

As and when a performance problem is highlighted, developers tend to run a profiling tool, at their disposal, to diagnose the issue. Not having access or license for a profiling tool makes the situation worse.

The introduction of this new feature in Visual Studio 2015 called PerfTips (tooltips with performance information), gives more power to a developer to build good quality software.

With PerfTips, we can evaluate our application performance during normal debugging & can easily identify performance bottlenecks, by stepping through our code – without the need of any 3rd party profiling tools.

PerfTips provides quick and continuous feedback on the performance of our application code during development.

Visual Studio 2015 provides PerfTips and the Diagnostic Tool Windows as default debugger features.

As we step into the code, PerfTips tells us how long the previous line took to execute.


When we click on the PerfTips, the Diagnostic Tools window opens up. We can view CPU Usage, Memory Usage, take snapshots and time sections of code using PerfTips all without stopping your debug session

The Diagnostic Tools window records the history of all our PerfTips in the Events graph and in the events table, and also allows us to correlate execution time with the CPU and Memory Usage graphs.

Diagnostic Window

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