Speaking Engagements in 2017

2017 was a phenomenal year for me and I feel humbled to have got the opportunity to present in a number of events – SQL Saturdays, Code Camps, Tech Conferences and User Groups.  There were also conferences which I went as an attendee.

I presented more than 20 times this year. I travelled to mostly nearby states within 5-6 hours of driving distance. I spoke in 6 SQL Saturdays, which are always neatly organized. Being a SQL Saturday Organizer myself, I know the amount of effort which goes in to host these events – the same holds true for other tech events too. Honestly I love the vibe of SQL Saturdays – the personal touch, a sense of bonding, folks always available to help and not to forget a great learning opportunity available at no cost.

Some of the other nice conferences I spoke this year was Codestock(Knoxville), DevSpace(Huntsville), Gulf Coast Code Camp(Mobile) and Atlanta Code Camp. These were relatively bigger sized conferences and had a wider range of topics and presentations involved.

Two of my favorite events this year was the Microsoft Build Conference and the PASS Summit, both held at Seattle. Speaking at PASS Summit to a packed room was undoubtedly my best experience this year.

I keep track of all my speaking engagements here. I also love to keep my conference badges organized in my office room, as you can see in the picture below 🙂


Blogging helps me to reach out to a bigger and diverse audience, sitting in the comfort of my own home. Speaking in Conferences needs a lot more effort – there is travelling involved, staying overnight in hotels, out of pocket expenditures and the fact that you need to plan to be absent from work for couple of days. But on the bright side, you get to network and build connections with organizers, attendees and make new friends – which help you to build your personal brand. It is also a great opportunity to listen to some of the best speakers around and interact with the brightest minds. I have learned immensely from my fellow speakers as well.

The session evaluations and feedback I receive from my talks help me to improve my technical & presentation skills each time. The positive feedbacks are a continuous source of motivation and keeps me going. 

I look forward to continue speaking in more conferences in 2018. Thanks to everyone involved for your support.


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