Speaking at SQL Saturday Atlanta 2018

I am excited to be presenting at SQL Saturday Atlanta this weekend. This will be my 2nd year speaking at this awesome conference. I am looking forward to meet lot of folks from the Tech community and have a good time with friends and SQLFamily.



Seems like there are more than 900 folks registered already, so hope to have an absolute rocking time out there. You can find the session schedule here –


Coming back to my own talk, this year I will be presenting on ‘DevOps, Continuous Integration & Database Lifecycle Management: Rule them all‘.  Join me in this session to understand the problems with traditional database development, why organizations are moving towards achieving Continuous Integration and Database DevOps, the problems it tries to solve and learn about the toolsets which will assist you in this journey towards seamless database deployments. 

Sneak peak below and will be the focus of my entire talk —

Shift Left

I hope to see you there. Cheers!

Categories: Conference, DevOps, SQL Server

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  1. Samir, Have another great speaking event. Be safe, will see you again soon. Wilson

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