Istio 1.0 – The Production Ready Service Mesh

Istio 1.0 was released today – indicating that all the core features are now ready for Production use.

The growth of Istio has been tremendous over the past few months and it has seen wider adoption from the developer community. Personally I have been part of the Istio 0.8 and 1.0 Community Testing, and have seen lot of interest from folks in the Google Group and buzz in Twitter. A number of large scaled enterprises are adapting Istio as well.

Istio is an open platform to connect, manage and secure microservices. It enables you to deploy microservices without an in-depth knowledge of the underlying infrastructure. Istio provides additional capabilities in your microservices architecture like intelligent routing, canary/dark releases, load balancing, service discovery, policy enforcement, in-depth telemetry, circuit breaking and retry functionalities, fault injection, security, logging, monitoring and more.

Istio 1.0

As more and more organizations start breaking their Monoliths to a Microservice architecture, they will reach a point where managing the increasing number of services becomes a burden. Service Mesh comes to the rescue in such scenarios and abstracts away all the complexities without the need to make any changes to the application. Istio is one of the best implementation of Service Mesh at this point.

You can find the Istio 1.0 Release Notes here —

Another good read – Announcing Istio 1.0

Unlike the Istio 0.8 release, there are no breaking changes as part of the Istio 1.0 release – just new features and bug fixes & performance improvements.

If you want to get started with Istio & Kubernetes , I would highly recommend to use the Katacoda interactive browser. Learning about new technologies is so much fun using the interactive training environment here.

If you are interested to take a leap into Microservices architecture, make sure to try out Istio and its capabilities. It greatly reduces the complexity associated with managing microservices in cloud and let developers just focus on the application code.


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