Speaking at IT/Dev Connections, Dallas 2018

IT/Dev Connections 2018 will bring IT Professionals, DevOps, and Developers together in Dallas, Texas for education and networking, October 15-18.  

The conference features more than 200 in-depth sessions across four different tracks, teaching developers, DevOps, & IT Pros the skills they need. There are four tracks of content rich sessions – Cloud Platform, Data Platform, Developer Platform and Security Platform.

One thing which sets IT/Dev Connections apart is the immense focus on deep-dive technical learning.  I am honored and super excited to have been selected to speak at IT/Dev Connections 2018. This will be my first time speaking at this conference. I consider myself very fortunate to have got this opportunity. I have heard so many great things about this conference and getting a chance to be part of the event this year feels awesome.

Conference Agenda —

Speakers Details —

I will be presenting 2 sessions in this conference —

DevOps, Continuous Integration & Automated Testing: Rule Them All

In this session, you will understand the problems with traditional database development, why organizations are moving towards achieving Continuous Integration and Database DevOps, the problems it tries to solve and learn about the toolsets which will assist you in this journey towards painless database deployments.

Come join me in this session and I will show you how to transform the traditional database development into a modern declarative model. 

Monolith to Microservices: Making a Successful Transition

Microservices and Containers have taken the software industry by storm. Transitioning from a Monolith to Microservices enables you to deploy your application more frequently, independently and reliably. However Microservice architecture has its own challenges, and it has to deal with the same problems encountered while designing Distributed Systems.

Come join me in my session and I will show you how to build cloud-native applications with Envoy, Istio and Kubernetes. You will walk away with a good understanding of the modern architectural patterns, have better insights about transitioning from monolith to microservices and apply within your own organization.

Further details here —


You can use the unique promo code, BEHARA, to receive up to $800 off your Conference Pass for IT/Dev Connection 2018.

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  1. Samir,
    The VERY BEST to you, share your expertise, bring back and share your experiences as you always have. SAFE travels.


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