PASS Summit 2018 Session Recording

One of the benefits of being a PASS Summit Speaker was that PASS provided us with the exclusive download version of the PASS Summit 2018 session recordings.

There were lot of interesting sessions this time at the PASS Summit. Building up your schedule is always tough, since you will bump into scenarios where you would like to attend multiple sessions – but they are at the same time slot! So eventually you have to miss one.

I am looking forward to listen to few sessions which I missed during the PASS Summit 2018. These recordings are useful resources and I would highly recommend folks who have purchased the same to make full use of it.

All the Presentation slides and materials are available under the “Conference Sessions” section of the PASS Summit website. It is available to attendees and non-attendees as well —

So here goes the link for my presentation on ‘Monolith to Microservices: Making a Successful Transition’


Just wanted to say THANKS to all who attended my session and filled up the session evaluations. I truly value your feedback.

PASS Summit - Samir Behara

I wish everyone a very Happy Holidays and hope you all have a good time with your family.

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