Friend of Redgate 2019

I am happy and honored to be a Friend of Redgate 2019 — my 2nd year in a row.

The Friends of Redgate program is an exclusive group of influential and active community members, such as popular blog writers, speakers, consultants, as well as Microsoft Data Platform MVPs.

I have always appreciated RedGate’s support and their investment towards the SQL Community. They sponsor a large number of User Group meetings, SQL Saturdays and other conferences.

Personally I am a huge advocate of anything that helps with productivity – tools that helps you being more efficient. I am sure no one wants to do a manual task over and over again. Redgate develops tools for developers and data professionals and maintains community websites such as SQL Server Central and Simple Talk. You can find more about the wide range of tooling provided by Redgate here.

FORG logo 2019_small_2

I had a good time connecting with the Redgate Team and fellow Friends at the 2018 FoRG Dinner during PASS Summit, Seattle.


You can find here the full list of the FoRG Family 2019.

Thanks Redgate for the opportunity. I am looking forward to another awesome year.

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