Speaking at O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference 2019

I am super excited to be presenting at the O’Reilly Software Architecture 2019, San Jose today.  Please join me at 3 PM in Room 210 D/H to learn about building a scalable microservice architecture with Envoy, Kubernetes, and Istio.

Samir Behara OReilly Software Architecture


OReilly Samir Behara

Description —
Microservices and containers have taken the software industry by storm. Transitioning from a monolith to microservices enables you to deploy your application more frequently, independently, and reliably. However, microservice architecture has its own challenges, and it has to deal with the same problems encountered while designing distributed systems.

Enter service mesh technology to the rescue. A service mesh reduces the complexity associated with microservices and provides functionality like load balancing, service discovery, traffic management, circuit breaking, telemetry, fault injection, and more. Istio is one of the best implementations of a service mesh at this point, while Kubernetes provides a platform for running microservices and automating deployment of containerized applications.


You can view my presentation slides here –

I have also written a number of blog posts detailing the content which I will cover during this presentation. You can refer it for further reading/research —

Monolith to Microservices using Strangler Pattern

Breaking the Monolithic Database in your Microservices Architecture

Making your Microservices Resilient and Fault Tolerant

Eight Fallacies of Distributed Computing

Smart Pipes and Smart Endpoints with Service Mesh

The Rise of Service Mesh Architecture

Sidecar Design Pattern in your Microservices Ecosystem

Simplifying Microservice Architecture with Envoy and Istio

Istio Service Mesh Control Plane

Istio Service Mesh Data Plane

CNCF Cloud Native Landscape and Trail Map

Microservices Journey from Netflix OSS to Istio Service Mesh

Resilient Microservices with Istio Circuit Breaker

Istio Circuit Breaker with Outlier Detection

Retry Design Pattern with Istio

Handling Service Timeouts using Istio

Chaos Testing your Microservices with Istio

Visualizing the Istio Service Mesh using Kiali

Cloud Native Monitoring with Prometheus

Please let me know in case you have any questions. Happy to discuss.

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7 replies

  1. Do you have example code?


  2. The code sample of your presentation such as microservice api code and kubernetes yaml and so on for full implementation that’s all. Thank you in advance.


  3. How do we ensure ease of deploy ability of our microservices across multiple cloud platforms?


  4. Samir, very useful presentation and posts!
    I would like the code you used as well, if you don’t mind sharing.



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