SQL Saturday Pensacola 2019

Just back from SQL Saturday Pensacola 2019, and I would say it was a fun event like always. This was my 3rd consecutive year speaking at the event and I really look forward to this event every year because the Organizing Team including Ed Watson, Karla Landrum, and others does a great job. Pensacola is also the summer holiday gateway for me so I do enjoy this trip.

This year I presented on another new topic – ‘Designing Data-Intensive Cloud Native Applications‘. I talked about how the cloud is rapidly changing the way modern-day applications are being designed. Data is at the center of multiple challenges while architecting solutions in the cloud. With technology changing rapidly, there are new possibilities for processing data efficiently. I talked about the tools and technologies that will help you to design highly scalable data-intensive systems. We took a structured approach towards architecting data-centric solutions, covering technologies like message queues, data partitioning, search index, data cache, event sourcing, NoSQL solutions and Serverless databases.
Thanks to everyone who came to my session and provided feedback. I have uploaded my presentation slide deck here –

Designing Data Intensive Cloud Native Applications – SQL Saturday Pensacola 2019




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  1. Samir, Thank you for investing your time to make these topics more easily understood.
    I hope to attend a similar session in the near future. Wilson Hauck http://www.mysqlservertuning.com


  2. Samir, Thank you for investing your time preparing for this presentation to make the process more easily understood. I hope to attend a similar presentation in the near future.

    Wilson Hauck


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