Speaking at SteelCity SQL Meeting on Azure DevOps

I will be presenting on Azure DevOps at the SteelCity SQL User Group September Meeting tonight. To all the user community in Birmingham please RSVP using the Meetup link below, so that we can plan the logistics accordingly —

Azure DevOps, Continuous Integration & Pipeline Automation: Rule Them All

On September 10th 2018, Microsoft announced Azure DevOps – the evolution of Visual Studio Team Services. Azure Pipelines lets you automate your builds and deployments to any platform (Linux, macOS, Windows) and cloud (Azure, AWS, Google). It offers free CI/CD with unlimited minutes and 10 parallel jobs for every open source project.

The collaboration with GitHub seems to be an interesting prospect. There was also an extension released which will now allow you to review GitHub Pull Requests from within the VS Code editor.

You can read more about this announcement from Microsoft here.

Azure DevOps

We will discuss about these new announcements from Microsoft, and delve into some DevOps goodness, Continuous Integration and Automated Pipelines. You will also understand the problems with traditional database development and why organizations are moving toward achieving continuous integration and database DevOps. You’ll also learn about the toolsets that will assist you in this journey towards painless database deployments in the Microsoft Platform.

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